Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fly in a twin engine airplane?

For the safety of the flight, the FAA requires most commercial flights to be in multi engine aircraft.


Can I bring my pet?

Small pets in a pet carrier are welcome.


What kind of baggage may I bring?

Different types of bags can be accommodated depending on the number of passengers, length of the trip and type of bags. Contact customer service to discuss specifics.


May I drive up to the aircraft?

Some airports allow a car to be driven to the airplane if accompanied be an escort.


Can I avoid airport security lines?

Usually you can avoid security lines. You will be met by your pilot at the FBO office who will personally escort you to your aircraft.


What about the weather?

Onboard weather radar and onboard satellite weather as well as preflight weather briefings allow our pilot to determine the best course of action when weather is an issue and to discuss the options with you.

Meticulously maintained to the FAAs highest standards, (FAR Part 135), all maintenance is overseen by company founder and FAA licensed maintenance inspector, Martin Goldfarb.


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